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Oyster ‘Verte’ with Black Tomato Gin

Oyster ‘Verte’ with Black Tomato Gin
10 oysters from Prins & Dingemanse 45 ml olive oil
80 ml Black Tomato Gin 50 ml lime juice
1/2 bunch of mint 1 tablespoon of ginger syrup
3 tablespoons of cane sugar 1 tablespoon of chopped coriander
150 ml of oyster juice Lime zest
1/2 cucumber Marsh samphire

Oysters are irresistible in their own right, but there people who haven't realised that. They need to be convinced that oysters are delicious. You will succeed with the Oyster ‘Verte’ with Black Tomato Gin.


The ‘Verte’ oyster is a delicious oyster with a mint and lime granita and an accompanying marinade with cucumber. For the granita you take the mint leaves and grind them together with the cane sugar with a pestle and mortar. Mix this with the Black Tomato Gin and the oyster juice. Put the mixture in the freezer for about two hours. Make sure you turn it all over every 30 minutes to produce the granita.


For the marinade you mix the olive oil, lime juice, ginger syrup, coriander and lime zest. Then you open the oysters. If you find that difficult, check out our useful tips! Peel the cucumber and dice. Put the marinade and the cucumber chunks on the oyster. Finish with coriander, marsh samphire and some of the granita. With this preparation method you combine the slight saltiness of an oyster with the fresh taste of lime, mint and cucumber. Everyone will love oysters! 

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