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Oyster ‘Bloody Mary’ with Black Tomato Gin

Oyster ‘Bloody Mary’ with Black Tomato Gin
10 oysters (Creuses) from Prins & Dingemanse 1 stalk of celery
65 ml Black Tomato Gin 10 sprigs of celery
250 ml of tomato juice 2 drops of Tabasco
1/2 teaspoon Worcester sauce Black pepper

Do you fancy oysters and gin? You will love the oysters ‘Bloody Mary’ with Black Tomato Gin! The recipe is extremely easy too. Mix the tomato juice, Black Tomato Gin, Worcester sauce, Tabasco and some black pepper. Thinly slice the celery and blanch briefly. Open the oysters (we have some useful tips, making sure anyone can open an oyster). When the oysters are open, put the mixture on top and garnish with celery and celery leaf.

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