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Oyster 'à la Grecque' with Black Tomato Gin

Oyster 'à la Grecque' with Black Tomato Gin
10 oysters from Prins & Dingemanse 2 drops of Tabasco
2 medium onions 1 lime leaf
75 gr of butter 2 leaves of gelatine
50 gr of sugar 40 gr burrata
500 gr of Pomodoro tomatoes 3 tablespoons of cubed tomato
5 gr of salt Chives
2 sprigs of thyme Black pepper
1 stick of cinnamon

Do you want to impress with oysters? You certainly need to try out these Oysters 'à la Grecque'. This Greek-style oyster requires a little bit of effort, but the result is impressive. Serve with a gin & tonic with Black Tomato Gin and surprise everybody.


Chop the onions and fry them in butter with the sugar. Leave to cool. Put the tomatoes and the salt in the blender and blend until you have small pieces of tomato. Then put the tomato pieces in muslin (or a coarsely woven tea towel) and hang it up for about two hours. Don't forget to put a tray under the tea towel. It makes a mess, but you need the liquid. Soak the gelatine. Heat the tomato liquid to 70°C and leave the thyme, cinnamon and lime leaf to infuse for 30 minutes. Sieve the liquid and add the Tabasco. Heat again, but not too warm. Dissolve the gelatine in this liquid. Now it is time to open the oysters. We have some good tips to make this easier. Remove the oyster from the shell and put the onion in the shell. Put the oyster on top. Spoon the tomato juice on top and put the oysters in the fridge. Finally add the tomato chunks, burrata, some chives and black pepper. Add a gin & tonic with Black Tomato Gin and you have served up an amazing combination.

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