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Mussels with carrot and fennel

Mussels with carrot and fennel
3-4 kilos of Prins & Dingemanse mussels 1 glass of water
1 onion, peeled, halved and cut in rings 1 glass of dry white wine
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped Pepper
2 carrots, scraped and sliced Salt
1/2 leek, in strips Olive oil
1/2 fennel, in thin slices A few sprigs of flat parsley, finely chopped
2 bay leaves

Mussels are extremely versatile and nothing beats a pan of mussels. We add white wine and some vegetables, including carrot and fennel. Vary the ingredients. Replace the wine with beer and choose the vegetables you like. Serve with chips or French bread.


Rinse the mussels generously with cold water. Broken mussels, or open mussels that remain open even after lightly tapping the shell have to be discarded. Heat the olive oil in a mussel pan and fry the onion, garlic, carrot, leek and fennel for a few minutes. Add the bay leaf and add salt and pepper to taste. Add a glass of water. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer to soften the vegetables a little. It makes it easier to eat and the vegetables have more flavour. Add the mussels to the pan together with the white wine. Bring to a boil and cover the pan with a lid. Let the mussels boil over a high heat for a few minutes until all shells are open. Shake once to make sure that the mussels down in the pan open as well. Garnish with the flat-leaf parsley.


Tip! Add a spoonful of crème fraîche when the mussels are cooked.


Serves: 4

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