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Cooked mussels with herb sauce

100 cooked mussels in their shells 1 tablespoon of chopped tarragon
1 tablespoon of chopped chives 3 drops of Tabasco
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley 100 ml of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of chopped dill

Cook the mussels according to the general recipe. Remove the mussels from their shells. Put 25 half shells on each of the four places and put a mussel in every shell. Mix the mayonnaise with the cooled cooking juice and add the chopped herbs. Add Tabasco to taste. Divide the herb sauce evenly over the mussels. BBQ Summer mussels with Mussel Dips.


Serves: 4


Serving tip

Serve Prins & Dingemanse Mussel dips with the BBQ: Mustard/curry, garlic, cocktail and tartar sauce. They are all delicious mussel dips that taste wonderfully with cooked mussels and are equally good with barbeque dishes, such as mussel skewers with sundried tomatoes and mussel parcels with coriander. The dips are available in presentation packs with three compartments, each pack has three flavours. Lots of choice and easy to serve and use.





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