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Cockles with crispy Parma ham and sherry

Cockles with crispy Parma ham and sherry
1 kg of Prins & Dingemanse cockles 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
150 grams of Parma ham, in thin slices 5 leaves of sage, finely chopped
Olive oil 1 red pepper, seeds removed and finely chopped
100 ml of sherry Black pepper

Cockles are so delicate in flavour. In this dish they are prepared with sherry. The fried Parma ham produces a delicious salty crispy texture and the finely chopped sage is the perfect match. Eat with French bread and add pasta.


Fry the Parma ham in a dry frying pan until it is lightly crispy. Leave to drip on a plate with a sheet of kitchen roll. Put a wok on the stove and wait until it is quite hot. Add a good dash of olive oil and fry the garlic and the red peppers until they are slightly coloured. Now add the cockles and the sherry to the pan, put the lid on the wok and leave on a high heat for a few minutes. The shells will now open. Shake the pan from time to time. Add the sage and the fried Parma ham to the cockles. Season with black pepper. Mix well and serve immediately, because they are best eaten piping hot.


Serves: 4

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