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Bruschetta with mussels and pesto

Bruschetta with mussels and pesto
1 kilograms of Prins & Dingemanse mussels Parmesan cheese as garnish
250 grams of green pesto 100 millilitres of white wine
Olive oil Pepper
Basil leaves as garnish 8 slices of firm bread, such as sourdough
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped Salt

A pan of mussels is irresistible on its own, but when you eat it with crispy Italian bruschettas and green pesto.... This is a wonderful lunch, but it can also be served as a starter.


Rinse the mussels generously with cold water. Broken mussels, or open mussels that remain open even after lightly tapping the shell have to be discarded. Heat a dash of olive oil in a mussel pan. Briefly fry the garlic. Add the white wine and the mussels. Bring to the boil and cover the pan with a lid. Let the mussels boil over a high heat for a few minutes until all shells are open. Shake once while they are boiling, so that the ones at the bottom also open. Toast the bread under the grill in your oven, in a toaster, or in the frying pan. Spread the pesto on top. Season the mussels with salt and pepper. Remove them from the pan and serve together with the bruschettas. You decide how you eat this dish. Take a bite of bruschetta and put a mussel in your mouth, or add some mussels that you have removed from the shell to your bruschetta. Garnish with fresh basil and grated Parmesan.


Tip! You can also add a good spoonful of pesto to the freshly cooked mussels.


Serves: 4

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