Tabl'Eau de Zélande oyster

The Tabl’Eau de Zélande oyster is a Dutch creuse that is grown with the off-bottom rack-and-bag method; in other words, not on the seabed as with the traditional Zeeland bottom-culture method. It gives the oysters different characteristics.  


The off-bottom culture method ensures that the oysters are cleaned naturally. The continuous waves ensure the oysters are in constant movement and ‘rub’ each other clean. It also gives the shell a different shape with a deeper cup in which a beautiful full oyster matures.

  • Tabl'Eau de Zélande oyster
product category Fresh oysters
Grading N/A
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Tabl'Eau de Zélande
sorting / packing

N/A                                      25 oysters (basket)