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Selected by Prins & Dingemanse

When the Zeeland mussel season has come to an end, Prins & Dingemanse starts looking for the best mussels in order to supply you with mussels all year round. They are known as Selected by Prins & Dingemanse.

  • Selected by Prins & Dingemanse
product category Fresh mussels
Grading Medium, Large
Availability April to July
Storage temperature 2-7 °C
Foreign names Selected by Prins & Dingemanse
Usage / taste

Selected by Prins & Dingemanse mussels are extremely suitable for experimenting and creating new mussel dishes. For example stir fried or grilled or as an ingredient in soups, salads or sauces. In short, a sea of possibilities!

sorting / packing

Medium                                     2 kg (MAP)

Large                                         9 kg (MAP)

                                                  15 kg (Jute)

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