Razor clams

A razor clam is a shellfish that lives on the seabed of the west and south coast of Europe. A razor clam, which is also known as a razor shell or American jack-knife clam, has a long small shell with a beautiful colour. Prins & Dingemanse razor clams are fished in the southern North Sea. An ingenious process removes the sand from the razor clams. Razor clams are fairly even in length and are packaged live.

  • Razor clams
product category Fresh shellfish
Grading N/A
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Mesheften, Couteaux, Schwertmuscheln
Usage / taste

Razor clams can be cooked like mussels (3 minutes) or stir-fried briefly. They are extremely suitable for pasta dishes or as a starter and look beautiful on a plate.

sorting / packing

N/A                300 gram (MAP)                                               

                      1 kg (net)

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