Periwinkles, also known as winkles, are small sea snails with a dark brown house and a light brown lid. The product is appreciated for its fine flavour and supple texture. Prins & Dingemanse fresh periwinkles are collected by hand between the high tide and low tide mark. Before packaging, the periwinkles are rinsed thoroughly with fresh, purified Oosterschelde water, which means they are processed clean. Then the periwinkles are selected and checked carefully and packaged live.

  • Periwinkles
product category Fresh shellfish
Grading Jumbo, Large, Medium
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Alikruiken, Bigorneaux, Strandschnecken
Usage / taste

Periwinkles are easy to prepare and fun to serve with drinks. You cook periwinkles in a pan with stock; they are done after 30 minutes. Leave the shells to cool a little and then use a needle to pick (winkle) the meat from the shell.

sorting / packing

Medium            350 gram (MAP)

Large                1 kg (net)



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