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Mussel preserves

Prins & Dingemanse preserves are made from the best mussel meat that is caught in the areas of the North Atlantic ocean. Mussels are taken directly from the water and then boiled fully automatically in the  Prins & Dingemanse factory in just 30 seconds, which means the mussels look beautiful and do not lose any flavour. After boiling, the mussels are taken from the shells by machine, processed into our 3 flavours and packaged in a range of different packaging.

  • Mussel preserves
  • Mussel preserves
  • Mussel preserves
product category Preserves
Grading N/A
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Moules marinées, muscheln in Essig, mosselen in azijn, moules Catalane, muscheln à la Catalane, moules á la Catalane, mosselen Catalaan
Usage / taste

Freshly cooked mussel meat is suitable for a range of different dishes. It can be added to stir-fries, cold to a salad or to soups, sauces and fish sauces. 

sorting / packing

Mussels in vinegar                    200 gram (glass jar)

Catalan mussels                        350 gram (glass jar)

Mussel salad                              1.2 kg (plastic pot)                                              

Mussel naturel                           3 kg (plastic tray)

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