Mussel juice

Mussel juice is a culinary aid for making stock, jus, sauces, marinades, soups, etc. It enhances the flavour of fish, crustacean and shellfish dishes.

  • Mussel juice
product category Preserves
Grading N/A
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Jus de moules, muschel jus, mosseljus
Usage / taste

Mussel juice is the precious juice that we capture when we process fresh mussels into cooked mussel meat. It is wet, silty and aromatic. The cooking juice is filtered and is sold preserved after filtering. Mussel juice contains water, proteins, salt and minerals. 


Mussel juice is a versatile, pure flavour enhancer and is suitable for many culinary purposes. Just a dash can enhance the flavour and aroma of a pan of mussels. It can also be a surprising ingredient in fish soup. Particularly in combination with our freshly cooked mussel meat, fruits de mer or shellfish and crustaceans.

sorting / packing

820 ml (tin)

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