Flat oyster

A flat oyster is round and owes its name to its flat upper shell. This oyster is the only real European oyster or rather the only native oyster of our region. A flat oyster only grows in the best and most nutritious places and demands a lot of work, expertise and patience from the farmer. It matures over four years. A flat oyster is a rare delicacy.

  • Flat oyster
product category Fresh oysters
Grading 1/0 (fine) 2/0 (fine), 3/0 (fine), 4/0 (middel), 5/0 (middel), 6/0 (groot), 6/0 S (extra groot)
Availability September to May
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Zeeuwse platte oester, Huître plate de Zélande, Flache Austern
Usage / taste

The flat oyster is a true delicacy and is generally eaten raw. The oyster is silty with a delicate and fine flavour. Many add a little fresh pepper and lime to a raw oyster. The oyster simply doesn't need any more.

sorting / packing

1/0 (fine)                           12 oysters (wooden basket)

2/0 (fine)                           25 oysters (wooden basket)

3/0 (fine)                           50 oysters (wooden basket)

4/0 (medium)

5/0 (medium)               

6/0 (large)            

6/0 S (extra large)                  

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