Edible crabs

An edible crab has ten legs and the two front ones are thicker. Those two thick front legs also have claws. The claws of the edible crab have hard knobbles to make it easier to crack its prey, such as shellfish. In an edible crab, the bulk of the meat is in the claws and it is full of flavour!

  • Edible crabs
product category Fresh crustaceans
Grading Small, large
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Tourteau, Taschenkrebs, Noordzeekrab
Usage / taste

Edible crab claws look good on a seafood platter and make a delicious starter too. You can also make great soups with edible crabs. Edible crab has its own unique preparation method. 

Do not put an edible crab live in boiling water, as you would with a lobster. The animal will struggle fiercely and could lose legs and claws. Put the edible crab in the fridge for an hour so that it falls asleep and then put it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

sorting / packing

Large (700-1000 gram)           2 crabs (polystyrene box)

Small (400-700 gram)             3 crabs (polystyrene box)