Dog cockles

This shell is also known as the European bittersweet. The dog cockle has a beautifully round shape and has a thick shell that is largely cream in colour with brown spots. The cross-section of the shell is 6 to 8 centimetres. The dog cockle lives dug into the seabed up to a depth of 20 centimetres. The shell is caught all year round in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Dog cockles
product category Fresh shellfish
Grading N/A
Availability All year round
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Amandelschelpen, Amandes de mer, Meermandeln
Usage / taste

The shell has a relatively large amount of meat that is firm and succulent in flavour. This shellfish certain belongs on a seafood platter. Put the dog cockle in hot stock for about 3 minutes and the shell opens easily. The dog cockle is delicious in fish soup or as a surprising accompaniment to an aperitif.

sorting / packing

N/A             330 gram (MAP)                              

                   500 gram (MAP)                                                      

                   1 kg (MAP)                             

                   1 kg (net)

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