Connaisseur Oyster

The Connaisseur oyster is a special product that reflects craftsmanship and years of experience. With more than 130 years of experience we are unrivalled in knowing how to optimise all the relevant factors. Whether the oysters lived in the volatile Oosterschelde or in calm lake Grevelingen - the buyer is guaranteed that this is a choice product with mouth-watering qualities.

  • Connaisseur Oyster
product category Fresh oysters
Grading Fine, Medium
Availability September to May
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Huîtres de Zélande, Höllandische Austern, Zeeuwse oesters
Usage / taste

Refined silty and fresh flavour. An ideal oyster to eat in the purest possible way, i.e. raw and without additions. 

sorting / packing

Fine                         12 oysters (wooden basket)

Medium                    25 oysters (wooden basket)                            

                                50 oysters (wooden basket)

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