Fresh Prins & Dingemanse cockles are collected by hand in the Wadden Sea. This is done at low tide by means of so-called hand rakes. Then the sand is rinsed from the cockles with fresh, purified Oosterschelde water, which means as little sand as possible remains in the shells. After rinsing the cockles are checked carefully to make sure only the best are packaged.

  • Cockles
product category Fresh shellfish
Grading Medium, Large
Availability Fresh shellfish
Storage temperature 2-7°C
Foreign names Kokkels, Coques, Herzmuscheln
Usage / taste

Fresh Prins & Dingemanse cockles are easy to prepare and cooked they are a delicious part of a seafood platter. They are also excellent as a tapa or in a paella and make a wonderful ingredient for soups or other dishes. Cook the cockles in a stock for just 1.5 minutes, they open and are ready to eat.

sorting / packing

Medium               330 gram (MAP)

Large                   500 gram (MAP)                            

                            1 kg (MAP)                           

                            1 kg (net)

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