Our oyster season has started!

Our oyster season has started! Another season of enjoying delicious oysters. Prins & Dingemanse selects only the very best oysters for you. A fine selection of our beautiful products is listed below.


The Zeeland flat oyster: the Queen among the oysters

The Zeeland flat oyster is the 'real' Zeeland oyster, and we have been farming it since 1880. Its distinctive shape (round with a characteristic flat upper shell) is a joy to behold. An especially beautiful oyster that is quite rightly valued highly for its beautiful appearance and subtle flavour nuances.


Creuse de Zélande: Zeeland-farmed top quality Creuse
The Creuse de Zélande is farmed in the Oosterschelde. The temperature of the water, the salt content, the seabed conditions and the protected location make this an ideal place for farming quality oysters. 

Connaisseur for the gourmand
Besides our "ordinary" top products, we also have some beds with oysters for which words fail us. These super refined oysters are for special occasions and for the true connoisseur. We therefore call them the connoisseur oysters, and they are the crème de la crème. The oyster for the gourmand.


The complete range of oysters can be found here.


Did we whet your appetite? We have some delicious recipes with oysters. You can continue to ring the changes with oysters!