Make this festive season special with delicious Prins & Dingemanse oysters

An oyster with Thai cucumber granita, an oyster gratin with champagne or just raw; an oyster is the ultimate addition to a Christmas dinner or the perfect amuse on New Year's Eve. Prins & Dingemanse has a fabulous range to surprise anyone. If it's too hard to choose, prepare a tasting platter of different oysters and experience the differences in flavours and shapes. In other words, enjoy delicious Prins & Dingemanse oysters during this festive season!


Flat Oyster - the Queen of oysters

The flat oyster is the only oyster of 'real' Zeeland origin that we have farmed since 1880. Its distinctive shape (round with a characteristic flat upper shell) is a joy to behold. Its flavour is just as distinctive as its appearance. The slightly salty Zeeland waters together with the best farming areas create the real Prins & Dingemanse Flat Oyster. An especially beautiful oyster that is quite rightly valued highly for its beautiful appearance and subtle flavour nuances.


TIP from Prins: The oyster's muscle is often not loosened and remains in the shell. An oyster uses this muscle to close its shell; it is the oyster’s tenderloin - juicy and bursting with flavour. You have the best taste experience when you loosen the muscle from the shell and eat it all.


Creuse de Zélande – Top quality Zeeland farmed creuse

The Creuse de Zélande is farmed in the Oosterschelde and in Grevelingen. The temperature of the water, the salt content, the seabed conditions and the protected location make this an ideal place for farming quality oysters.


Connaisseur - for the gourmand

In vineyards some plots are suited to growing the best of the best. The beautiful shell and its delicious content make the connaisseur the oyster of choice for a gourmand.


Tabl’Eau de Zélande oyster

The Tabl’Eau de Zélande oyster is farmed on so-called tables in the Oosterschelde. For the Netherlands this is a new farming method - we started it a few years ago and use it alongside our traditional farming method. With this farming method, the waves give the oyster a deeper, rounder shell. The oysters are also higher up in the water column, which means they eat different algae. As a result, the flavour of this oyster differs from that of traditionally farmed seabed oysters. It is almost impossible to describe this flavour, so the best thing to do is to experience it for yourself.


Creuse – the ideal addition to an oyster menu

Because of our many years of experience as oyster farmers, we are able to acquire this attractive creuse in the best oyster areas in Europe. It is a fine addition to the oyster menu - it is flavoursome and full-bodied.


Fine de Claire

Prins & Dingemanse searches continuously for beautiful international products that are a great addition to an oyster menu. Fine de Claire is one of those gems. This oyster comes from France.