Prins & Dingemanse is proud of all its clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. Large and small restaurants, known nationally or with a local feel. For many years we have been their exclusive supplier of Zeeland mussels, oysters, or other shellfish and natural products from our range. You can only build up that position by offering quality and service that is focused on the individual requirement of the food business operator. In turn they increase our brand recognition.


We are pleased to put these supporters in the limelight. We have already rewarded 25 restaurants in Belgium and the Netherlands with our ambassadorship. As an additional sign of our appreciation for their loyalty, they receive an enamelled plate for their business that says ‘Ambassador of Royal Prins & Dingemanse’. A true quality label that shows the visitors to the restaurant that they are only served the very best quality of shellfish and crustaceans. 


You will be able to find all the details about our ambassadors here and they will introduce themselves and their favourite shellfish dish. 

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